Avocado Dyeing Fail

Avocado stones and peel in a bowl

All I can report on this experiment is that the avocado skins and stones failed to colour my clean, undyed wool.

We had fun, had a good chat and had lunch.

We tried reheating and adding vinegar.

We giggled over whether we should pee in a pot and add that. (We didn’t)

Total fail.

Good thing my friend had brought her commercial dyes from Ashford.

The shrinkage was massive after all those interventions.

2 responses to “Avocado Dyeing Fail

  1. That’s a bummer. Did you have reason to believe avocados would give color or was this just a grand experiment?

    • And therein lies the wonder-the colour was supposed to be pink. Adding just one rusty nail was supposed to intensify the shade. We ended up at six rusty nails with still no effect. Sometimes what you see on the internet isn’t true….

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