Two Rag Rugs in Rosepath

The two rag rugs I completed this week were closer to the kind of result I have been aiming for but had not quite achieved. The rugs used a double thickness of weft, made up of old business shirts and old sheets cut into 1 inch (2.5  cm strips) sewn together. The two weft strips were of different fabrics in the yellow toned rug and I am very pleased with the variation in tone that this achieved.

I chose to make folded hems as it’s likely they’ll end up as bath mats and experience has taught me that a fringed finish is like a magnet for fluff. Also I expect a folded hem to wear very well.

The new pro-tip from this project was serging (overlocking) the ends of the rug when they came off the loom. This gave me a tidy finish and secure ends.

Sett was 10 dpi in a 10 dent reed, threading was rosepath over 8. Warp 8/4 cotton in blue.



2 responses to “Two Rag Rugs in Rosepath

  1. Barbara Lindsay

    Love these rugs. I made one for the van all in plain weave, but will put a border on the next. I really love the effect, How did you come by your temple? I have considered getting one, but they seem quite expensive new and can’t fine a 2nd hand one online as yet. The result does seem worth it, however, so I’ll take another look around.
    I don’t know how you manage to be so productive – Well done! You’ve inspired me to have another go at rag rugs, thanks!

    • Thanks. From what I’ve read and based on my experience weaving rag rugs without one, I’d say a temple is essential. I got mine by mail order from Petlins. Their delivery costs were quite reasonable from memory.

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