Lace Weave All by Myself

After completing the linen and lace course with Kay Faulkner I felt confident and eager to get started on a project I had put on the Dorset loom over the Christmas break, an Atwater Bronson table runner in 3/2 cotton.

Working in the coarser 3/2 cotton was a joy because it was easy to spot and correct mistakes. It was also good to be working with a coloured yarn. The finer white linen we used during the course added another little hurdle for a beginner such as myself as errors were tricky to spot. Weaving in my own space, at my own pace further helped to reduce the error rate.

My own design variant

I made two runners, one following faithfully the project instructions in Pattie Graver’s Next Steps in Weaving and the other to my own design.

The projects in the Next Steps book are particularly well described and tell you everything you need to know, such as sett, width in the reed etc in a way where you can find the essential information quickly, without having waste energy scanning the text. I do recommend the book for anyone beginning their weaving journey, as I am.

This runner was done by the book


8 responses to “Lace Weave All by Myself

  1. Barbara Lindsay

    You were right, the clearer photo does the runner true justice. Great! I didn’t know you made two runners. Are you getting any sleep? Be proud, be very proud. Barb

    • Thanks so much Barb. The warp length in the book made two roughly 1m runners. I skipped the stage where you make a sample to work on achieving an even beat. Been there, done that, right?

      Believe it or not I’ve just got back from a little gym workout. Quilter’s butt and weaver’s butt have the same time symptoms and, sadly for me, only one cure. Or two – diet and exercise. I don’t think much of either activity.

  2. That looks great! I think Graver’s book is wonderful, too, but haven’t tried this weave structure yet. I have an empty loom right now . . . hmmm. I love the look you achieved!

    • Thanks – taking the photo with the light shining through the lace weave windows was a good trick wasn’t it? It’s actually a very easy structure. All you really have to think about is controlling the float length so your cloth isn’t too vulnerable to snagging. Have fun, whatever you decide to do next. Do you always have a million projects in mind like I do?

  3. Beautiful. I’ve done nothing with the book either. Time to challenge myself to do something new.

    • This is a good project for something new because the result is likely to be good. If you go with 3/2 cotton it’s quick, too. It’s satisfying having new things to learn isn’t it?

  4. looks good

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