Fancy Fox Finished


Seems we’ve hit winter here in Melbourne and the available light is not great for photography. The maximum temperature in Melbourne today was 14 C  (57F) and when I got up this morning the living room was not far above that temperature. So far I’m layering with woolens and resisting the temptation to turn the heating on but I expect to weaken soon.

I’ve been chipping away at hand sewing the binding on the Fancy Fox quilt. It’s a task I quite enjoy but one I prefer to do in natural light, which means on weekends, generally.

The quilting was done by professional long armer Pam Hammer, who suggested the modern design to go along with the modern quilt. Tinkerer dropped this one off to her so Pam and I chatted on the phone. Initially Pam thought it was a strange variety of house quilt but then she turned it around and the foxes leaped out at her.

I’m looking forward to handing this one over to a beautiful baby girl who I haven’t met yet, even though she must be getting towards a year old now.

Now, it’s back to the looms.




2 responses to “Fancy Fox Finished

  1. Seem we hit the first day of summer in London last week and the maximum temperature in my area was 14C ;) Quilting sounds like a lovely winter pastime though and maybe I should start up a quilting bee next winter :) I love the fox design, he’s gorgeous!

  2. That is a really lovely piece. :)

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