Small Format Rag Rug

My summer project is a test rag rug which will work as a bath mat or in a child’s room. The warp was a gift from the Textile Bazaar where it was lying in a storage box with a bunch of discards.


I got all the width out of the warp that I could which is about 45cm on the loom.

The warp is made up of strips of old business shirts and a few old tops of mine, cut into 4cm strips, sorted by color and stitched together. The ski shuttle is a joy to work with. It came from a yard sale, most likely a deceased estate. I like to think the previous owner would be pleased to see it being used by the next generation.

The cutting and stitching is tedious.  My grandmother tore warp strips from old fabric and joined the strips with a low profile knot.

How do you prepare your rag rug weft?


4 responses to “Small Format Rag Rug

  1. I’ve only tried braided rag rugs, but I love the idea of a woven one. It looks fantastic.

    • Thanks. It came together quickly once I got going. I’m looking forward to getting it off the loom to see how it looks but wanted to research edge finishes before I do anything else. I now have a plan for a Damascus edge, thanks to the Peter Collingwood Rug Weaving book. I’d like to try a braided rug one day – it requires almost no equipment, right? I don’t know much about braided rug making except that I’ve seen classes advertised for more than $200 which seemed pricey to me.

  2. My mother used to tear old clothes apart to make woven rag rugs. But the weaving was done by other women. I always enjoy reading your posts. Happy New Year to you!

    • Thank you for sharing that memory of your mother. It’s a lovely idea to think of women working together to make something for their home. I treasure that tradition and hope that our work will keep the tradition strong. Happy crafting in 2016. I wish you and yours a healthy and harmonious year ahead.

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