A different kind of gold in the Victorian Goldfields

My kind of gold – fibre from Bendigo Woollen Mills and historic kilns at Bendigo Potteries.  

three balls of carpet wool from Bendigo Woolen Mills

Carpet Wool

Carpet wool seems to be a rare commodity these days. I am not aware of any wool processing plants that still make carpet wool in either New Zealand or Australia. When I see some rug wool on sale I tend to grab it. In the case of the lovely blue wool in the photo above, I took all they had in stock, which was ten 50g balls. There was no more of any colour on the shelves. For good measure I also grabbed a couple of cones of 3ply which weaves up beautifully in scarves. Having said that, Bendigo Wollen Mills cater to knitters much more than weavers and have some beautiful yarns.

The photos below are from the nearby Bendigo Potteries where a miner was digging for gold but found clay and decided to return to his original trade of being a potter. 


two brick bottle kilns and a horizontal kiln  at Bendig Potteries

I learned that these are called Bottle Kilns

close up of a brick bottle kiln at Bendigo Potteries

Bottle Kiln



2 responses to “A different kind of gold in the Victorian Goldfields

  1. Interesting post!

  2. I haven’t bought from the Bendigo mills for a while but I love their yarn.

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