Crochet Dish Cloth

dishcloth2I took a crochet project along on my recent trip to Bangkok, wanting a project that was portable and didn’t involve any tools that might get confiscated by airport security.

You can’t do too much damage with a 2mm crochet hook and a ball of mercerised cotton. I actually don’t believe you can do too much damage with a pair of nail scissors, either, but I once had mine confiscated on my way  to board an early morning domestic flight. I see it as security theatre …but that’s another story.

This dishcloth measures 29cm x 24cm and I plan to use it as a pot holder. We’ll see. I stopped crocheting when I ran out of yarn and selected a rectangular shape so I can fold it double to protect my hands. I also added a hanger in case I decide to use it as a general wiping cloth.

I modified the pattern by starting with a chain of 75 stitches rather than 25 and took it from there. It was easy to make, though the finer yarn I used meant that progress was slower than if I’d used the kitchen cotton yarn referenced in the pattern. I can also attest to the fact that the pattern is very forgiving of errors. I made several, but I can’t find them now without looking very hard.

Cotton Dishcloth

Cotton Dish Cloth

The crochet hook came from Spotlight and was a last minute purchase on departure day. It was the worst quality of bendy lightweight aluminum. Yes, it was cheap, but it wasn’t worth any money and I won’t be using it again, except maybe to clear a blocked drain. My grandmother used stainless steel crochet hooks. I need to go and find hers.


3 responses to “Crochet Dish Cloth

  1. It is always good to have a hook you don’t mind losing in case of overzealous airport security. You could make it your travel hook.

  2. A crochet hook that bends?! That’s really shoddy! But, you’re right, crocheting is a perfect choice for air travel!

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