Hidden Treasure

Forgive me, dear readers, for the long break between posts. Life got in the way rather badly and there have been very few opportunities for creative output this year so far. In fact there have only been limited opportunities for that poor substitute– buying craft books and supplies. I did make it along to the Handweavers and Spinners Guild Textile Bazaar in early May, where I found a fantastic Handwoven magazine from the 1980’s with a technically detailed write-up on twills which was well worth the $1 investment.

Life got in the way in terms of three funerals in the last 6 months, one of which I officiated. It is truly surprising what you can do when you have to. I would never have thought I could run a funeral service but I had had enough recent exposure to bereavement to be able offer to officiate as a service to the bereaved husband.

Back to the business of crafting, I transported a framed family photograph in a suitcase recently and the glass shattered in transit. Intending to replace the glass, we removed the backing on the frame and found hidden treasure.

Hidden Treasure Revealed

Hidden Treasure Revealed

The photograph I was transporting was taken in the 1940’s or 1950’s I believe and by that time this souvenir weaving from the 1909 Stockholm Craft Exhibition must have been so old-fashioned, so my ancestor flipped the sturdy cardboard around and used the souvenir silk weaving as a backing board for the photo. According to wikipedia the exhibition featured all kinds of interior design, crafts and architecture, and had a restaurant illuminated by that great new invention, the electric light. The photos on the wikipedia entry show that the weaving is of buildings erected for the exhibition, possibly the main entrance or what is called the terrace in the photo below, licensed by under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

“Konstindustriutst 1909 terrass” av Svenska Slöjdföreningen – Svensk Form, Stockholm.

As an additional bonus, the weaving was made by Almgrens weaving works that we visited in Stockholm in 2013.


One response to “Hidden Treasure

  1. I am so sorry for the loss you are dealing with. Stress takes many forms and the massage may sound like an indulgement, but might be worth the time away from real life! Grief does not resolve in a day or a week or a month. When faced with my greatest grief, the loss of my husband, it was 9 months before I recognized I needed to have someone besides my adult children to talk about it with, and sought grief counseling. It was a time of learning as well as grieving and helped me more than I can relate. Your treasure behind the photo is amazing! Thank you for the peak at it and the history behind it.

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