No Progress Update

Really wanted to play along

There has been no progress on any weaving or quilting project for several weeks now, apart from a little hand sewing from time to time to attach the binding to my latest log cabin quilt. That’s relaxing work but I find my shoulder gets tired if I keep hand stitching for too long. One length of thread, then it’s time for a different activity.

I feel frustrated about the lack of opportunities to do craft projects while I’m busy working and keeping the house in order. On weekends there are other fun things to do, things that involve treasured friends.

You can only be one place at one time and last weekend we had a much better offer to catch up with friends we rarely see since they moved to the country.

The highlight of the Dean’s Marsh Festival was the terrier race, open to all small dogs. There were so many competitors that they had to run the race in heats. After the small dogs had had their go, the big dogs competed. A beautiful border collie ran like lightning in the big dog race and won hands down. Just for fun he then ran back to the starting line for another go. The dog races were barely controlled chaos and great fun.

stick, straw and wool creatures

Also on offer, and staying true to the fibre theme of this blog, was wool craft using stick armatures, straw and wool to make creatures. Too bad it was labelled kids craft as I would have loved to have a go.

Roo burger price list

Sold out!!

There was food, too. Kangaroo is more usually considered dog food than human food in Australia, but we do get roo mince and roo sausages from time to time. As you can see from the price list on the left, the roo burgers sold out at border collie pace.

It was a great day out in the fresh air and the crafting will still be there next weekend.


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