Not Hoarding, Accessioning

Weaving supplies are hard to find, so you have to take your chances.

It’s been hot, hot, hot here in Melbourne, too hot to weave or do a whole lot of anything. The rainwater tank is empty and the garden is dead.

Of course it’s never too hot to browse online auctions and classifieds. Last week I spotted a yard sale at a place called The Weavers’s Cottage. That semed to good to miss so we went along early in the day before the real heat kicked in.

The hour’s drive was well worth it. Not only did I pick up this haul of yarn and supplies, but my beloved found two good quality saws for his tool shed. We like to think of it as accessioning. They’re just not making this stuff any more, not to this quality standard and not in our part of the world.

The yarn is a bit smelly and probably lived in a damp garage for a while before making it to my hands. A few days in out of its plastic bag in this weather should sort that out. The shuttles were dirty but are now usable after a good scrub in soapy water.

Yarn and weaving shuttles from a yard sale

Smelly Yarn, Great Shuttles

In the spirit of de-accessioning my next project will be a small rag rug to cement some of my newly learned skills and use of some of Tinkerer’s old business shirts that we have washed and broken down. After that, now that I have some rug weight yarn, I feel a krokbragt rug coming on.


2 responses to “Not Hoarding, Accessioning

  1. Good job saving these things from the landfill. No doubt you will make a project that will bring you pleasure in the making and the use! Hoping you get a cooling rain to fill your water tank soon. I look forward to the end of our winter and am darn tired of being cold all the time.

    • Thanks for reminding me that the alternative for those items was probably landfill. That hadn’t crossed my mind but from the behavior of the guy running the sale that probably was the alternative outcome. He was not interested in making money and just wanted the stuff gone. Sad to see someones life disposed of in a yard sale tho. (I’m guessing it was a deceased estate.)

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