A Quilted Sleeve for an iPad Mini

My lucky mother received an iPad Mini as a birthday gift last year. Lucky lady, it is even engraved with her name.

Generous though she is, my mother’s daughter didn’t spring for a cover to go with it.

I have sorted that one out, at last. Here it is.

machine quilted sleeve for an ipad mini

And here’s how:

1. Cut three rectangles- one of outer fabric, one of lining fabric and one of lightweight batting. Each rectangle measures 6 1/2 inches wide by 17 3/4 inches long.
2. Form a quilt sandwich and pin it together using pins or safety pins. I used pins because I was in a hurry. Quilt the layers together. I followed some of the lines on the printed outer fabric. Run a line of stitching around the outer edges of the sandwich, just to hold everything together.
3. With right sides together stitch down each long end, a quarter inch from the raw edges. (No need for a scant seam allowance.) I used my serger/overlocker but you could equally use a straight stitch on a regular sewing machine then trim and zig zag the raw edges.
4. Turn.
5. Bind the raw edges of the opening with purchased or home made binding. I made my own half inch binding using a Clover bias tape maker, just for fun.

Its that easy. I’m sorry I can’t show you how the sleeve fits, but unlike my mother, I’m not lucky enough to own an iPad Mini. I took my quilt sandwich to the office and checked the dimensions by asking a workmate if I could use his.


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