Stash-busting Fabric Purses

Fabric purse decorated with pink trimAmerican Patchwork and Quilting is a great magazine, one I would happily pay money for if only I could get it delivered to Australia. They also have a number of excellent free patterns at AllPeopleQuilt.

When I say ‘free,’ you do have to register to get access to the free patterns. Other patterns are available to buy. Once you register, they email you a set of project ideas from time to time. I think it’s well worthwhile registering as it’s a high quality site and I have found the free stuff to be all I need.

reversible purse with red dotted fabric and a muted green lining

I’m keeping this one

These purses are made with the Reversible Purse pattern, one of many free bag, purse and tote patterns available on the site. The one with the floral design is planned as a gift. It won’t look good reversed, which was my design decision. The dotted print purse is reversible. I’ll be keeping that one for myself and I doubt very much I’ll ever use the green side.

I’m happy with these and happy to have consumed a little of my stash, too. Each purse requires half a yard of fabric for each side. The instructions are OK, but get easier once you’ve completed your first purse. Nothing unusual, there.


3 responses to “Stash-busting Fabric Purses

  1. Nice purses, of course, but I really enjoyed your comment re: American Patchwork & Quilting. You should see my cache of Australian Patchwork & Quilting – I’ve been hoarding them for years and are my go-to periodicals. Is this a classic case of the grass being greener, &tc?

    • The grass here is going browner as we struggle through a heatwave. This is day 3 and counting of 40 degree plus temps. No such thing as global warming?

      I prefer American Patchwork & Quilting for aesthetic reasons. Their contributors tend to make quilts that appeal to my tastes. Australian Patchwork & Quilting has a few too many what I would call ‘country inspired’ designs that don’t appeal to me (heavy use of florals, for example). They also drive me mad by not putting their publication date in an easy to find place. It’s just a matter of personal preference in the end isn’t it? Life would be boring if we were all the same.

  2. What a great idea, thanks for sharing.

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