A Big Finish and a Little One

The charcoal warp that I put on my four shaft Druva floor loom measured 4.5 metres. After completing the pistachio chevron scarf I cut it off the loom so I could re-tension the warp, something that was sorely needed.

Cappuccino Scarf

Cappuccino Scarf

I did my best to apply the lessons of the pistachio scarf to the cappuccino scarf, in particular maintaining an even and light beat, and keeping a close eye on the width of the weave. The effort paid off and I am much happier with this weaving.

In addition to the technique changes, I did 8 picks of charcoal plain weave at the start and finish of the scarf, changed the pattern and used hemstitch in place of overhand knots for the fringe.

The cappuccino scarf measures 132cm by 23cm after wet finishing. That’s 52 inches by 9 1/4 inches for those of you who think in those terms.

table runner in pebble weave

I had a bit of warp left after completing the cappuccino scarf so I had a play with pebble weave and made a little table runner. It’s a 9 1/2 inch square and I rather like it but calling it a runner seems a bit over the top for such a small item. Any suggestions? What would you describe it as?


6 responses to “A Big Finish and a Little One

  1. Lovely work, what was the thread up of the loom? I have a birds eye twill on my Druva at the moment. Your little square could be the cushion cover?

    • Thanks so much. I’m still learning the terms but I believe the warp threading was a point twill. The little one could be an elbow cushion maybe – there’s not a lot to it :-)

  2. Such a versatile piece. Over here we call it a table scarf, but if you put it on top of the bureau in the bedroom – presto! – it’s a dresser scarf. The cappuccino scarf came out beautifully.

    • Thank you. You’ve just solved a mystery for me. Many. many moons ago I sent a (purchased) homewoven table runner to a Utah couple as a gift for their wedding, which I was unable to attend. When they wrote back thanking me for the scarf I assumed they had misunderstood what the gift was.

  3. Been a way and look at all the beautiful weaving you’ve been doing! Love it!

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