A Narrow Warp on a Wide Loom

My current weaving project is to make two scarves in a chevron pattern with a charcoal warp and contrasting wefts. The first scarf will have a pistachio weft, the second one may be a more earthy tone.

I vävstolen II dedicates one page to this scarf

The book doesn’t give too many hints

The scarf is described in I vävstolen II, which I picked up in a second hand barn in Katrineholm, a small town in Sweden, about an hour and a half’s drive from Stockholm. The book dedicates a page to this scarf and then leaves it to the weaver to get on with it. By the time you get to the second volume, they expect you to know what you’re doing. Fair enough.

The warp has 136 ends which seemed to be close to the capacity of my warping board. I don’t have a photo but this time I suspended the warping board from ties attached to the coat hooks on the back of the bathroom door. It was an odd place to work, but it was the only place with hooks, and therefore the most ergonomic place to wind. Standing was a lot easier kinder on my back than stooping over a table. I was very happy to have my custom-made cone holder to keep the yarn off the floor. It’s going to be a Christmas present from my beloved. He kindly let me road test it early but I won’t be able to post a photo until I officially receive it on Christmas Day.

Pistachio and Charcoal Chevron Patterned Scarf

Off to a Good Start: Pistachio and Charcoal Chevron Scarf

I am weaving the scarves on my four shaft Druva floor loom. It’s a beautifully constructed loom and I love how it is both solid and simple. There is nothing on the loom that seems unnecessary or even complicated, the wood is beautiful and she was lovingly cared for by her previous owner.


4 responses to “A Narrow Warp on a Wide Loom

  1. Love the colour combination of charcoal and pistachio. And I agree that standing up to warp is so much easier than leaning over a table.

    • I love the combination, too, but have been surprised at how much the pistachio dominates. As for warping, I believe there might be a warping mill in my future to take the comfort up another notch.

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