Light Denim Heather Scarf

I’m celebrating another finish and it’s a first for me. Pictured below is my first completely independently devised and executed weaving project.

Handwoven scarf with light blue weft and cream warp

Finished, but before wet finishing and trimming the fringe.

The warp and weft yarns were both acquired from the Handweavers and Spinners Guild sale, which I felt was a good way to get my hands on some inexpensive yarn for early experiments.

I can’t be 100% sure the ball of weft yearn was complete when I bought it as it had clearly been knitted, unraveled and the ball rewound before it made its way into my hands. Half way through the scarf I was winding a shuttle and unearthed the label. I was delighted to learn it was Icelandic yarn, a brand called Álafoss Lopi, made in Reykjavik, Iceland. Their web site describes the colour as light denim heather. Assuming the ball was complete, the weft consumed 100 m. (109 yd.) of yarn, woven at two strands per pick (hope I’ve got the terminology right).

scarf_calipersChallenges along the way were managing the change over from one shuttle to the next and how to manage the weft joins/overlaps and how to keep the width of the piece even. I found an innovative and possibly unusual way to address the even width challenge by using my pottery calipers to monitor that the width was staying true. I didn’t do so well with the joins and tried the ‘overlap method’ (too bulky in the weave) and the ‘unravel, twist and spit method’ (fiddly and a bit yuck.) If you are an experienced weaver reading this, I would welcome your tips on starting and stopping elegantly.

Technical details

Planned finished length: 55 inches or 140cm (before I ran out of weft yarn)
Actual length before wet finishing: 50 inches or 127 cm
Actual length after wet finishing: 50 inches or 127 cm

Planned width: 11 inches
Actual width before wet finishing: 11 inches
Actual width after wet finishing: 10 1/2 inches or 26 cm

Ends per inch: 6
Reed: 16 epi
Sett: 101001010010100
Total number of ends: 72
Warp length: 220 cm

I’m happy with it but I see areas for improvement. It’s always part of my workflow on any project to step back and ‘live with’ the finished item for a while, leaving it in a place where my gaze will fall on it and where I will be prompted to reflect on what was done well and what could be done better.

I redid the hem stitch at the start of the weave as I felt some of the stitches could have been more even but I remain less than 100% satisfied with the result. I need to work on my finishing techniques.

The warp was a little unevenly distributed. I chose to blame the loom not the weaver.

The Dyer & Philips table loom will soon have a new home thanks to eBay. Charming though it is, I decided to part with it to make room for my latest acquisition – a second hand four shaft table loom with movable wire heddles.

Post and pix of my new acquisition coming soon.


5 responses to “Light Denim Heather Scarf

  1. Congratulations on a finish and a first! I hope you enjoyed the process and find pleasure as you continue to learn this new skill.

  2. We are our own worst critics… but it’s such a lovely scarf from this point of view. Kudos!

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