Buying Fabric in Singapore

A stopover in Singapore on the way to Scandinavia allowed us to visit a couple of neighbourhoods that sell fabric. The first area we visited was Arab St and the area around the mosque, which was very picturesque. It offered sarongs, fabric by the metre and Islamic wear.


Here’s a view of one of the shops.


We enjoyed a wander around the area, taking in the sights, buying a batik shirt and an Indian wood block printed table runner.

We also visited the Moustafa Centre, which is a shopping emporium that needs to be seen to be believed. It’s a multi level 24 hour shipping centre that’s crammed with electronic items, clothing, jewellery and just about anything else you can imagine. The place has earned mixed reviews, with demerits for not having toilet paper in the washrooms but extra points for variety of merchandise and being open all hours. From my own experience I can offer that there is zero customer service but a wonderful selection of Indian clothing, cut dress lengths, sarongs and meterage. I loved it but frequent readers will know that I often find gritty more interesting than upmarket.


I purchased a Punjabi outfit, size XL (those Indian ladies must be tiny), with an emerald green embroidered tunic and tomato red drawstring pants that have screen printed details in a bright green to match the tunic. I have heard some complaints from my beloved that it might be too brightly coloured, but I love it. It could well become my summer travelling outfit of choice.


2 responses to “Buying Fabric in Singapore

  1. Many thanks for your report. I love the pictures of the fabric stores!

    • That’s a pleasure. This trip will feature crafts and maritime museums, which is usual for us. I am hoping to pick up a pattern for a Viking tunic or a traditional Swedish folk dress.

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