Waffle Weave

After over thirty years of weaving I can still be amazed about the range of weaves that can be achieved from simple threadings on a four shaft loom.

I’m at something like thirty days, not thirty years but that statement from weaver Angela Pawlyn on her post Point Twill and Much More sums up all my excitement about the endless possibilities of weaving.

In my weaving class we have just pulled our samplers off the loom and have dressed our looms for our own projects. The class had quite an ambitious schedule which involves completing both a sampler and our own weaving project over eight two hour classes. Today I popped into the guild and put in a couple of extra hours on my project, which is a waffle weave scarf. I worked alone out in the freezing cold back room so I could concentrate – such is my dedication.

Waffle Weave in cream coloured Wool on a 4 Shaft Loom

Waffle Weave In Progress

I’m struggling to achieve an even beat but I guess that will come. Until it does, I’m hoping that a wash and an application of steam will help hide some of the imperfections.


3 responses to “Waffle Weave

  1. Very Impressive

  2. So nice to see your progress. Well done!

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