Christmas in … April?

With the current state of unfinished objects/projects in train around here, it probably makes sense to start for me to start working on Christmas projects in April. But actually this block has more to do with post holiday sales than it does with pre-planning.

We weren’t really happy with the selection of Christmas decorations we had for our celebration last year and I resolved to make some Christmas bunting. I took advantage of a January sale at Spotlight and picked up some seasonal fat quarters for $1 each.

Then I came across this description of how to make a double nickel swoon block and decided to try it out with the Christmas fabrics I had lying around.

And so another project begins.

Christmas Square

The border is a bit of photo editing wizardry but it does illustrate the border treatment I plan to use after I get the quilting done. Then I will add a hanging sleeve to make a Christmas wallhanging that I expect to finish at about 23 inches square.


One response to “Christmas in … April?

  1. Nice work! I love the pattern.

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