A Gentleman’s Travel Compendium

This project was a commission of sorts. I made it as a surprise gift for my beloved’s birthday. He wanted a storage pouch for his A5 sized travel diary with a secure pocket for his passport.  

Closure with D Rings

He didn’t get a pouch. Instead he got a compendium. Sounds (and looks) so much better, don’t you agree?

Passport Pocket

Passport Pocket

I couldn’t find a sturdy metal zipper as long as the long side of an A5 piece of paper and I wanted to make sure the passport pocket could be accessed without too much digging. I used 25mm navy blue tape from M.Recht to bind the raw edges, for the band and the closure. The D-rings were from M.Recht, too.

The diary can be swapped out for each trip and the upholstery fabric is heavy enough that a lining wasn’t required. Also, the pattern is plain so I expect it to receive the masculine tick of approval.

The band allows for movement but keeps the diary secure

The band allows for movement but keeps the diary secure

Verdict: The fabric did receive the tick of approval, but the overall design did not. That will teach me to re-interpret the customer’s specification. My beloved is now sewing his own travel pouch and has moved from the prototype stage to making the final product. If you want it done right, do it yourself, eh? It’s a good thing I taught him how to use my sewing machine.


3 responses to “A Gentleman’s Travel Compendium

  1. Happy Easter to you! Your compendium looks great!

    • Happy Easter to you, too. I have vacuumed up all the chocolate fragments and now my red and white charm quilt is on the floor, ready to square up and trim. Isn’t it a good feeling to have a holiday weekend?

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