A Traditional Scandinavian Apron

My latest apron is a traditional Scandinavian design, using a different pattern from Kwik Sew 2191. You may recall that I made a workshop apron recently, also using Kwik Sew 2191.

Still need to add the buttons

Still need to add the buttons

I modified the pattern just a little as I wasn’t crazy about the single button closure on the back and the need to add reinforcing under that single button. Instead I made a self-faced button band with interfacing.  I also extended the centre back to give a little more coverage. This modification will allow two buttons to keep the apron in place.

I’m happy with the result but the bias binding was a real pain to attach. This project reminded me why I often avoid patterns that call for raw edges to be finished with bias binding. It’s often more trouble than it’s worth, especially when the binding is narrow, as it was in this case.

This pattern required a lot of bias binding, too. I ended up using every last millimeter of the 5m of binding in the packet, and had to do some heroic zigzagging to make ends meet on the last arm hole.

Designed for serious cooking

Designed for serious cooking

I love this fabric. It’s a retro drill from Spotlight.

If you decide to make this pattern be aware it’s quite generously sized. I made the large size and it’s very roomy. Knowing what I know now, I don’t anticipate I would ever make anything other than the small size. After my recent experiences, I’m beginning to have serious doubts about commercial dress pattern grading these days. Maybe I’m just having a bad run. Or maybe no-one’s double checking the patterns against real people.

Update: I’ve been asked how I know this is a traditional Scandinavian design. I know this because it’s the style of apron my Swedish grandmother used to wear. This Swedish blogger makes that style now and calls them retro.


2 responses to “A Traditional Scandinavian Apron

  1. Your apron would be good for painting.

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