Finished Tunic – Simplicity 2230

I’m disappointed.

I put a lot of effort into this top. All the seams are neatly finished using my shiny new overlocker (serger) and I think I did a nice job of the hand detailing along the neckline.

Pretty, isn't it?

Pretty, isn’t it?

Simplicity 2230, started life as a plus-sized pattern and was, I believe, graded to a misses pattern. But Simplicity did a poor job of that grading process and the pattern remains more appropriate for the generously proportioned. While I certainly suffer from a bit of quilter’s butt,  nothing changes the fact that this tunic drapes at the shoulders and is simply too wide for me.

I cut it to the size that the pattern sleeve indicated was right for my measurements – a standard size 14, but with a little length removed from the sleeves and bodice, as I’m not as tall as some. It should have fit, but it doesn’t.

I’m hoping it might work for my mother. If not, what? Etsy maybe?


8 responses to “Finished Tunic – Simplicity 2230

  1. I like the result of your work. It’s too bad that it does not fit.

  2. You did a lovely job. It is so disappointing when you follow a pattern carefully; choose the size based on the measurements on the package and it “doesn’t fit”. I had the same problem with an apron I made for my sister last year. It was beautiful; and I really didn’t know until I tried it on myself that it was HUGE. I wear an extra large; size 16 shirt; made a large and was so sad that it was so big. If your mother doesn’t enjoy it, then I agree, Etsy or Ebay…

  3. I hate that when I work hard and it doesn’t fit! Bummer. That’s one reason my first husband, who managed a fabric store, wanted me to quit sewing. “It’d be less expensive to buy ready to wear,” he told me. I don’t know if he was right, but after I started back to school I never sewed for myself. – or him Now I just quilt, and I still have way more fabric than I have finished projects! :)

    • That more fabric than projects thing is a bit of a theme with us quilters isn’t it. Tomorrow my local fabric shop has 40% of all fabric. They don’t normally discount below 30%. Will I be able to hold myself back? Hmmm.

  4. I’ve been wanting to start sewing kurtas/kurtis for myself and even bought a pattern a couple of days ago. Now I just need to egg myself on to print it out and cut the fabric…

    • They’re fun to make and you can even do some beading. I put sequins around the neckline if one I made (before I started this blog) Then I ironed it and all my sequins went flat and lost their colour. I had to take them all out and do the job again. Valuable lesson learned. Hope yours goes better than that.

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