Trip Report: Mt Eden Village Craft Market

The Mt Eden Village Craft Market is held in the Methodist Church at 449 Mt Eden Rd, on the corner of Mt Eden Road and Ngauruhoe St, on the second Saturday of each month.

Lots of streets, towns and mountains in New Zealand have Maori names and most New Zealanders have at least a few words of Maori in their vocabulary. Something that is unusual and wonderful about New Zealand is the strong presence of Maori culture everyday life. There are a lot of factors at play in this, one of which is the existence of a treaty between the colonial settlers and the indigenous people.

Craft Fair

The Mt Eden Village Craft Market is held inside the church, a beautifully restored building managed by the Mt Eden Methodist Church Charitable Trust. They have named the venue the Mt Eden Village Centre and it appears they make the church and hall available for hire for a range of community, welfare and religious purposes. Smart move.

The market featured all the usual things you might expect to see: stained glass window decorations, plant based cleaning products, aprons, pillows and even quilts. The quality of the items on sale was good and it would be a great place to pick up a gift or souvenir. Mt Eden is also a popular coffee and food destination so I suggest you time your visit so you can grab a bite and soak up the local atmosphere.

Unlike Melbourne’s Magnolia Fair market which I reviewed a while back, the items for sale were traditional and affordable. The stall holders were uniformly friendly, approachable and happy to chat.

But that’s New Zealand for you.


2 responses to “Trip Report: Mt Eden Village Craft Market

  1. Nice, one of my blogging friends just got back from there. You’d enjoy her blog, if you don’t know her already. “Eternal Traveler” She’s a quilter, too! :)

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