Antique Fabric and Lace in Auckland, New Zealand

I’ve been away and while I was overseas I received a bunch of comments, offering me all sorts of sex, drugs and rock’n’roll. My addiction is, of course, fabric and I managed to check out a fabric shop and a craft market while I was in Auckland, New Zealand.

Let’s start with fabric and leave the market for another day.

They say New Zealand is a bit like stepping back in time, and that’s true, especially when you go to a shop like Antique Fabric and Lace in the Onehunga Mall.

The street address is 132 Onehunga Mall Onehunga. If you’re after lace, patches, leather, hessian or anything odd or unusual you might just find it there. It’s a bit of a treasure hunt and a bit of an adventure but don’t expect to walk out with arm fulls of fat quarters.

Sewing_Machine_World For those, you’ll have to pop across the road to Sewing Machine World which had a nice collection of Kiwiana fat quarters at a range of prices.

Right around the corner is the Dressmart outlet mall which is always worth a look.


5 responses to “Antique Fabric and Lace in Auckland, New Zealand

  1. Thanks for the info. We were in Auckland (and visited Dressmart!) recently, but didn’t know about Sewing Machine World – we were pushed for time anyway – so will have to keep this in mind for next time.

  2. I missed those two shops when I was in Onehunga last year, but I did visit Patchwork Passion which is 335 Onehunga Mall. I’ve made a note of the two shops you visited for my visit this year.

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