Workshop Apron

KwikSew 2191 and Simplicity Pattern Sleeves

Same pattern, different looks?

I used a pattern for this one. Kwik Sew 2191, which is suspiciously like (meaning having an identical shape to) Simplicity 7254, published in the 1970’s.

There’s a great deal of re-use in the pattern industry, it seems to me. You just reshoot the photos or re-draw the sketches and re-publish the pattern, maybe with different accompanying patterns, and hey presto – more revenue with little marginal cost.

I was reasonably faithful to the pattern, but added a zipped pocket to the top so my beloved can keep his mobile phone secure and close to his ears. That could be handy if I need to ask an urgent grocery question while I’m out shopping. We’ve often joked about having a webcam in the pantry to solve those urgent, ‘Can you just check if we have any cumin in the spice box?’ type questions.

Workshop Apron with Tape for the Ties

Need to Check the Pocket Placement before I attach it.

Rather than making the ties, I am using braid so that he can do a double wrap and tie the apron around his middle.

Talking of middles, I added an inch to the centre of the apron and roughly 3/4 inch to each side. The apron, as designed, is skimpy and skimpy is the last thing a man needs in his workshop attire.

Now, let’s see if he wears it because it’s useful, or just to please me. I hope it turns out to be useful.

Update 1: My beloved reports it’s a winner! I’m happy about that.

Update 2: He has now lodged a feature request – he feels the zipper should covered with fabric so there is no risk of the zipper teeth scratching a finely polished item of furniture that the wearer might be lifting. I’ll make that change next time I make a workshop apron.


7 responses to “Workshop Apron

  1. Thanks for sharing The extra info needed. Mtetar

  2. I’m happy to report that the apron works very well having saved my good tee shirt from paint splatter.

  3. haha. Glad you got a winner. Sometimes it’s hard to please hubby with a hand-made gift.

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