Simplicity 2230

Spotlight FlyerSpotlight recently gave out a flyer showing how crafty chicky-babes might make up Simplicity 2230, as a funky modern tunic top, though they called it a kaftan. Have kaftans had a resurgence as a fashion item for hipsters? Did I miss something?

The Spotlight advice was to sew it using Prints Charming fabric (whatever that may be) and Prima Homespun, for the neck band. They weren’t friendly enough to let you know how much of the Prima Homespun you might need to buy. As a result, my facing has a join in it that wasn’t in the cutting instructions. No harm done, but I did feel like a bit of an idiot for under-estimating the quantity. I forgot that you would need to cut two, one for the neck band and one or the facing. And I call myself an experienced dressmaker. We’ll come back to that idea in just a minute.

I would not have bought this pattern had it not been for the flyer, as the pattern sleeve makes it look like it was designed for generously proportioned women and the photo of the garment on the pattern sleeve doesn’t look flattering in my view. The Spotlight flyer showed a completely different interpretation and I picked some fine 100% cotton to make it up in. Melbourne summer can bring some very hot days.

Close up of neck band as stitched

This bit was colourful language inducing

I’m tipping the chicky-babes might have had to pull out some of their more colourful language when making this pattern up. This experienced dressmaker had to unpick the curvy corner of the neck band twice on one side and once on the other and pull out some colourful language from her repertoire. Maybe she isn’t as experienced or clever as she thought. The problem is basically that you’re trying to sew an inside curve on the neck band to an outside curve on the tunic front and that, my friends, is a royal pain in the bum.

The pattern instructions were challenging to follow, too, very cramped and leading you off from time to time to the instructions for a different view, making you hop, skip and jump all over the place.

Too tired to sew (any more today)

Too tired to sew (any more today)

This is where I got to when I declared myself too tired to go on. I’m planning to do some running stitches in embroidery thread on the neck band and I may also stitch in the ditch by machine where the neck band meets the fabric, just to keep everything secure and tidy.

I’m not anticipating any problems finishing the tunic from here, as all I have to do is attach the sleeves, sew the side seams, make a casing in the sleeves, insert the sleeve elastic and then hem the garment. One more weekend, maybe and I’ll be sure to post a photo when it’s done.


4 responses to “Simplicity 2230

  1. Coming along quite nicely. I look forward to the finished project.

  2. Colourful language for a colourful kaftan. I’m sure it will be worth the effort.

  3. Hi I am not experienced at all and have had a lot of problems with the Neck and front I followed the curves and omg what a mess it looks as though I have four breast lol need to unpick it and maybe lay flat and pin it on the front so it lays flatter around the neck line would not recommend this pattern for the first attempt :(

    • Thanks for sharing your experiences. I had to unpick, too and that’s no fun at all, especially when you’re working with fabrics that fray easily. Good luck getting over this hump. It’s all downhill after that.

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