Mag Review:Textile Fibre Forum

Published by Artwear Publications, from whom I brazenly stole* the cover photo, Textile Fibre Forum is a classy magazine with good photography and excellent production values.

TFF108_Cover_tinyThough it’s a little self-consciously artsy, I really wish we quilters had a magazine a bit like this, a magazine that leans more to art than to craft. I’ve only bought the one copy but I would be very surprised to see cutsie country-style creatures in Textile Fibre Forum, something that I see quite often (and detest) in Australian Patchwork and Quilting. I get that some people find floppy eared bunnies cute, but I’m not one of those people, unless the bunny is either a) alive or b) served with mashed potatoes.

This edition of Textile Fibre Forum has articles about a milliner who works with feathers, an artist who makes fibre and wire cordyceps (a type of fungus) and drills holes in perfectly good furniture to mount them, and basketry at the fringe. “WTF,” I hear you say, but the photos are beautiful and it’s always interesting to see how artists chose to express themselves.

The sales department at Artwear Publications are doing something very right. The ads in this magazine are almost worth the cover price of $9.95. Merino cross yarn, textile and craft tours, courses and workshops. Who wouldn’t want to go on an art & craft tour to Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan?

If you’re into dying or printing or millinery, I think this magazine is worth a look.

* Let me know if that’s a problem, guys, but this is a review of your mag, so I’m guessing it should fall in the category of reasonable use.


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