The Process Pledge

Labeling your rows A, B, C etc so you know what order to assemble them in = good.

Ignoring your labels and having to unpick an entire row of sewing = bad.

 Upside down. This is embarrassing.

This is embarrassing.

Learn from my mistakes, make your own. Publish them and we’ll all be wiser.


5 responses to “The Process Pledge

  1. Very nicely blended. Great for gift giving around this time of the year, and Valentine’s Day. Thank you for sharing. Best, Mtetar

  2. That’s one reason I love my design board. It sits up there and I pull down what I’m sewing. Not the same as notes but works the same concept. ;) I do know, if I pull it from the design wall, I’m in trouble. ;)

    • The labeling was designed to prevent me getting mixed up after I’d taken the rows off the design wall (or in my case, table.) And you can see how well THAT went :-) Thanks for commenting :-)

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