Not Sewing, Camping

We had a four day weekend for the Melbourne Cup, an official public holiday in Melbourne.

We went to Paynesville with the Wooden Boat Association so I didn’t sew a stitch. I did manage to pin the starry night quilt sandwich together, but that’s it.

Members of the Wooden Boat Association heading out for a Day Trip at Paynesville

I did visit a quilt store in the country town of Bairnsdale though and would recommend you visit Riviera Patchwork if you find yourself in that part of the world. It’s a lovely light-filled shop, with a wide range of fabrics and the lady there was super friendly, even though I was wearing my less than flattering camping clothes.

Much to my beloved’s shame and embarrassment my preferred camping attire is a pair of urban cammo cargo pants. They have a wide seat, which is handy for crawling in and out of the tent and the pattern is so wild that spills and dirt just look like part of the design- I hope. I want you to know that I shower daily when I go camping, just as I do at home, but keeping your clothes clean is a challenge when you have to crawl to get in and out of your tent.

We visited Riviera Patchwork on the trip home, so I was still in my camping gear but the lady at the cash register spoke to me anyway and even took down the address of this blog, the first time a shop proprietor has ever done so. She explained to me that the regular sit and sew was cancelled due to the Melbourne Cup so two of the participants decided to come in a day early. You can see them in the photo.

Sitting and Sewing at Riviera Patchwork

The other really cool thing is also visible in the photo. See the basket of magazines in the bottom left of the photo with the pink silhouette behind it? People bring their unwanted quilting and gardening magazines to the shop and put them in a basket for others to take in exchange for a gold coin ($1 or $2) donation to the Cancer Council. Brilliant. Everybody wins.


2 responses to “Not Sewing, Camping

  1. Bairnsdale is a lovely town

    • Yes it is. It has great amenities and friendly people. Like every other visitor, I just had to take a photo of that amazing gold rush era court house. We took the scenic route back to Melbourne and visited the car collection at Maffra. That was also well worthwhile.

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