The Bento Box Quilt is ready to Bind

My seven year old niece will be receiving a bento box quilt as a gift for Christmas. I hope she likes it. I chose a girly heart motif for the quilting, which was done by Pam Hammer.

Close up view of the Quilt before Binding

I had to go shopping to find the right red fabric for the binding

The red binding fabric is a Kona cotton, a new fabric that’s new to me but which I’ve seen used by a number of modern quilters. It came from GJs Discount Fabrics in Brunswick East, courtesy of a $10 gift voucher that came along with my enrolment in the AQS Symposium. At $14 a metre, the Kona is roughly twice the price of the Prisma plains that Spotlight stock, with no discernible quality difference. GJ’s has a wall of Kona fabrics in a huge range of tones and it’s possible that Kona offers a wider selection of colours than Prisma do.

GJ’s Discount Fabrics is easily reached on either the Number 1 or the Number 8 tram, probably my favourite Melbourne tram routes because they both pass through some lovely parts of town. Both trams conveniently take you to stop 126, right outside the door on Lygon St.

Looking across Lygon St to GJ's Discount Fabrics

GJ’s Discount Fabrics

Brunswick East isn’t a part of town I would describe as lovely, but rather as gritty. It’s semi-industrial but appears to be in the process of gentrification as I passed two massive building projects on my walk down Lygon St. GJ’s is worth a visit as they have a huge range of 100% cotton fabric for patchwork. I saw some dance and specialty fabrics but not a whole lot of dress fabrics. The ‘discount’ in their name seems to be more a marketing claim than a reality, at least when I visited. Their $2 fat quarters are a good buy but I didn’t spot any other bargains. The staff were very friendly and while I was there one of them was on the phone to one of her suppliers, trying to track down a particular fabric for a customer.


4 responses to “The Bento Box Quilt is ready to Bind

  1. Thanks for the tip on GJs. I have been visiting Melbourne lately and was wondering which fabric shops might be worth stopping by when I am there.

  2. Looks great! I hadn’t heard of bento box quilts before so just did a quick google search. Its another one I’d like to try sometime! :-) I’ve heard Melbourne is a lovely city – if / when we ever get to visit I’ll have to keep this shop in mind.

    • The bento box was a fun block to make but I’m a bit disappointed I didn’t achieve that ‘shattered block’ optical illusion that the best bento quilts have. I think that’s down to using too many colours. I’d do it differently next time. I have to keep reminding myself that this quilt is for a seven year old and not a grown up. I so hope she likes it.

      Hope you do get the chance to visit Melbourne one day. There’s plenty to see and do here, and not just fabrics shops either :-)

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