A new Camera and a Quilted Pouch to keep it in

Quilted Camera Pouch

Happy to have a New Camera

My old camera went on holiday without me. Here’s my new camera, in its brand new custom made quilted pouch. The photo was taken with my phone, for obvious reasons, on a rather dark, cloudy day.

My mother-in-law went on a trip overseas and her camera broke the week before she was due to depart. I gave her mine to take along, as it was easier than trying to find her a new camera at such short notice. The not so hidden agenda is that I was planning to get a new camera anyway, inspired by Michelle’s lovely photos over at Sleepy Cat Hollow.

Michelle quilts, too, but not so much lately as they seem to have had a lovely summer over where she lives. Like Michelle, I sometimes like to take photos of birds, but I generally only have success when those birds sit still for a long time, and are very near by. More about that in a minute.

My new Panasonic Lumix ZS20 arrived a week or so ago. So far I’m loving it. It needed a pouch to stay safe and I decided to make my own.

I used the plastic packaging pouch as my template.

The packaging lying on the fabric for use as a rough cutting template

The Rough Cutting Template

Then I cut three equal sized pieces of fabric – outer fabric made of upholstery fabric, a batting off cut and quilting cotton inner lining in red.

The two short edges are self-bound with the lining fabric.

Self Binding – Easy! Note the light Quilting to keep the Layers together.

I whizzed up the sides with the overlocker (serger) because I happen to have one, but you could also just a zig zag stitch on a regular sewing machine, or bind the whole thing. There is very rarely just one way to do something. I chose this one because I’m still exploring what you can and can’t do with a serger.

The thing I don’t know how do yet is finish a serged line of stitching neatly. To achieve a neat finish I used a straight mattress needle to put the thread ends back into the body of the pouch. A mattress needle is a long needle with a big eye and a sharp point, and it did the job well. Hand finishing that way was a bit of a pain but I didn’t want to risk the work looking sloppy or coming apart.

All Finished with a Coconut Husk Button

The button is a coconut husk button from Button Mania in inner Melbourne. They’re worth a visit if only to check out their home in the Nicholas Building, the last Melbourne building to have human lift operators. Based on my visit, the charming lift operator justifies the trip. She’s one of those living national treasure types and if she wants to chat on she simply doesn’t open the elevator door to let you out. Perfect!

And now, to celebrate my new camera, here’s a photo of some birds sitting still for a long time, very near by.

Wood Duck Mother and Ducklings

Time for a Snooze

They’re wood ducks (scientific name: chenonetta jubata, according to the internet) and they’re quite safe, even though they’re snoozing on the road. It’s a private road in a retirement village and there is hardly any traffic so please don’t worry.


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  1. Very nice and very stylish.

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