The House Quilt is Finished

This one’s a keeper. My beloved really, really likes it. I like it too, though possibly not quite as much as he does. I need to attach a hanging sleeve but other than that it’s done.

Five Houses, four Ohio Stars

Glad I stopped making house blocks when I did. Any more would have been too many.

Long arm work was done by Melbourne professional quilter Pam Hammer. The house design came from Houses, Cottages and Cabins Patchwork Quilts by Nancy J. Martin and the quilt started life as just one experimental block.


9 responses to “The House Quilt is Finished

  1. so much of our live begin as “just one experimental block”. Striking quilt.

  2. Very nice. I like the quilting pattern on it too. Where will you hang it when the sleeve is done?

  3. Too cute. House and Ohio Star. Great combination. I love it!!!!!! :)

  4. This is so lovely. I’d love something like this on the airer in my kitchen to wrap around on cold days.

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