Counting Down to Christmas

The time has come to start thinking about Christmas gifts. Yes, it’s only September  but I guarantee if I don’t start on the hand-made gifts now, they just won’t get done in time.

I’d love to make some more trivets because they come up so nicely but I have a few projects I need to finish before I start anything new. The house quilt is back from the quilter and just needs trimming and binding. I also need to finish up some drapes to go on a wardrobe my beloved built.

This eco shopping bag is a project I started quite a few weeks ago. It’s made out of quilters cotton and I found the fabric in a remnant bin at Spotlight. I couldn’t imagine ever using it for a quilt.

Fabric shopping bag

A Handy Fold Away Shopping Bag

We’re looking forward having family members from overseas join our Christmas  Eve family meal this year. I imagine this will be the first Christmas they have spent in warm conditions. They’ll be on the road for a few weeks and I hope this shopping bag will come in handy.


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