Bento Box Quit Top: A Riot of Colour

I’ve been pressing on with the bento box blocks and have all twenty done. I laid the top out on the design floor and wasn’t sure how much I liked it. It certainly is a riot of colour.

Bento Box Blocks Laid Out on the FloorMy beloved offered the feedback that it needed a unifying design treatment. His feedback always worth considering so I tested some thin sashing. I also thought about putting a two inch contrasting diamond where the bento box blocks join. Adding more somehow didn’t make less, so I’ve decide to just stay true to the pattern as it is now. It’s a modern block, not a traditional one.  Maybe it doesn’t need to look regular or unified.

If I made this pattern again I might consider reducing the number of plain colours to just one or two, rather than the four I used here. But I probably won’t make this pattern again. There is only one special seven year old girl in my life.

It will be going off to the long arm quilter soon and I’m confident that after quilting and binding the finished quilt will be pretty. I’ll post a photo when we get there.


2 responses to “Bento Box Quit Top: A Riot of Colour

    • Thanks. I’m glad to have the feedback. I’ve almost finished sewing it together and it looks better than it did laid out on the floor. Phew! Hoping to take it to the long-armer on the weekend.

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