Modified Dolly Madison Star Quilt Finished – at last!

After many, many months of neglect I decided the modified Dolly Madison Star quilt just had to get moved from ‘work in progress’ status to ‘ready to gift.’ I was tired of seeing it half-finished and a planned visit to the recipient gave me the push I needed to get on and finish the job.


This quilt has taught me some valuable lessons. I learned that safety pins can get in the way when quilting and that hand basting is worth the trouble. I also learned that I really don’t enjoy hand quilting AT ALL. At some stage in the future I want to try that modern style of hand quilting where you use embroidery thread and big stitches.

Detail of hand quilting

I used a cardboard template to get the corner squares the same size.

Labouring away at tiny even  stitches feels more like a punishment than a form of relaxation. I do appreciate the beauty of hand quilting when other people do it though.

I’m not proud of this one as I know I can do better work, but I am pleased to have it out the door.

Update: The recipient loves this quilt so much, she’s talking about putting it up on the wall above the marital bed. It was meant to be used, but I’m happy to hear she likes it enough to consider it as a wall hanging.


5 responses to “Modified Dolly Madison Star Quilt Finished – at last!

  1. I LOVE traditional hand quilting! And I don’t do fancy feathers , ropes… design work. I find it SO relaxing. I’m not fast by any means…. too relaxed, maybe?! I’m glad you gave it a go, anyway!
    Congrats on the finish! I’ve got several of those I hope to have done in the next week or two, they are close enough to start buying more fabric, LOL!

    • I applaud you for loving something that I find super challenging.Maybe, with time and effort, I’ll be able to improve my technique sufficuitently to find it relaxing. For now, I’ll just remain in awe of people like you.

      I look forward to seeing your finishes when you post pictures.

  2. I’m with sewfrench… I love the look that traditional hand quilting brings, but understand that it can be VERY time consuming. I like it when I am home in the evenings and want the quilt to have extra personality. Yours looks nice and I’m sure whoever is lucky enough to be given the quilt will treasure it for a long time.

  3. Wow…those are wee stitches though! Nice job!

    • Thanks. I gifted the quilt to an 80-something year old lady who is recovering from an injury. I hope it raises her spirits. It’s challenging being stuck indoors, regardless of how old you are.

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