Road Trip with Bonus Quilt Shop

We took a trip to the goldfields region of Victoria, Australia this weekend, taking in the towns of Ballan, Creswick, Ballarat and Daylesford. It was a cold, showery weekend  but the constant rain on Friday had abated and we were grateful for that improvement. At this time of year, all you can do is put on your thermal underwear and keep going.

The Front of Mill Rose

I always enjoy getting away for a weekend and if there’s a quilt shop to visit along the way, all the better. Mill Rose Quilting is a lot nicer than you might guess from their web site which, speaking frankly, lets them down. The shop is big, airy and light and has a big teaching space as well as a vast selection of quilting fabrics, probably the biggest I’ve seen in Australia so far.  Not bad for a town of less than 2,000 people.

Red fabrics on the Bolt

Red, and lots of it

You have to wonder how they survive financially, as they had an awful lot of money tied up in stock. I love being able to admire a shelf of fabric that takes the eye through every hue of a particular colour. I’d love to make a quilt in shades of  ivory, beige etc and play with subtle colour variations but right now I’m on a self-imposed fabric buying moratorium. The staff must have picked up on that vibe and  they left us alone to browse.

Detail of Rose of Sharon Applique QuiltThis is a detail from one of the quilts they had on display. I think it’s a Rose of Sharon. Is that right?


4 responses to “Road Trip with Bonus Quilt Shop

  1. Oh…that’s just wrong. Going to a quilt shop and not even buying a quarter yard of fabric. :P I pick up FQ’s at different quilt shops on our trips. :)

    Beautiful appliqué.

    • I really, really do have enough fabric at home right now, and not enough time for sewing, so you might congratulate me on my restraint ;)

      Nice idea with the FQs. Do you make them into something special, like a block per road trip? That could be fun I think.

      • I just like to contribute to locally owned quilt shops wherever we go…lately I pick up one or two FQ batiks to add to my Grandma’s Flower Garden.

        I hear you about too much fabric, will be dumping everything onto the bed this weekend and re-organize the fabric hutch. May be destashing on etsy soon.

      • Please post a photo of the bed when you do that :-)

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