Progress Report: House Quilt Top

I am officially over making house blocks. I don’t plan to make a house block ever again.

I’ve made five blocks and the pattern pieces are in the rubbish bin. The pattern pieces were getting a bit worn and were close to needing replacement anyway.

Five Houses and four Ohio Stars

Neutral Sashing Wins on the House Quilt Top

Last weekend I made up a batch of four Ohio Stars as spacer blocks. Using both stars and houses had been part of my original concept for the quilt top, but I had doubts about using these Ohio Stars as I thought the tones were a little too earthy when juxtaposed with the colourful houses.

My original design concept also called for bright, contrasty sashing strips. Until last night I was planning to use electric blue. When I laid the blocks out on my design floor and auditioned a few different sashing colours it turned out that electric blue was too intense. Pink worked OK, but my beloved convinced me that a more neutral tone would be best. He was right.

Today I’ll piece the top and then I’ll have another design decision to make – how to quilt it and whether to send it out or do the quilting myself.


5 responses to “Progress Report: House Quilt Top

  1. I think the house blocks were worth the effort. The quilt looks good.

  2. Overall effect is very nice!

    • Thanks, I quite like it, too. I’ve decided to send it out for quilting as I can’t think how I could quilt it myself using just my walking foot. Besides, I’m keen to move on to the next project.

  3. I’m pretty new to quilting but can still appreciate all the hard work that has gone into this. I love the house blocks. They are so striking and I have not seen this design anywhere else before. Your colour choice is really lovely too!

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