Day 1 of Pattern Making

I’ve completed the first day of the introductory course in pattern making at the  Council of Adult Education and I loved every minute of it. Our tutor had us working at a cracking pace to take our measurements and use those measurements to make a basic skirt block.

Tutors Illustration of a Basic Skirt Block

Tutor's Illustration of the Basic Skirt Block

Then we used that block to make a pattern for a basic straight skirt with a vent, which we’ve been asked to sew up before the next class. I imagine that will allow us to test our dart width and bodily peculiarities before we move on to making a pants block and bodice block next week. Knowledge of basic garment construction techniques was assumed, though I did hear one participant say she wouldn’t be able to sew her pattern before next week.

The tutor is a fashion industry professional and I enjoyed hearing her talk about how clothing labels design their garments. They have their own basic blocks, too and will reuse their designs, making minor variations from one season to the next. That’s why a particular label will tend to fit well year after year while others simply don’t fit and most likely never will.

Cover of How to Use Adapt and Design Sewing PatternsMy copy of How to Use, Adapt and Sew Sewing Patterns arrived in the mail last week. I’m still undecided as to whether it was a good buy or not. It’s a good go-to book for someone starting out, but I find myself wanting just a little more. To get that I’ll probably have to invest in Metric Pattern Cutting for Women’s Wear. I was given a gift of money for my birthday this year that will more or less cover the cost.


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