I Quilt and I’m a Volcanologist

Have you ever chuckled over those bumper stickers that say, “I shoot and I vote” or something similar? While I personally can’t conceive how the right to bear arms or shoot animals will make our world a better place, I do enjoy reading the bumper stickers.

I have often pondered what bumper stickers we quilters might have to demonstrate that we don’t quite match the stereotypical image.

White Island Crater and the Intrepid Volcanologist

Yup, that's me

After going on vacation to New Zealand last week I’m going with, “I quilt and I’m a volcanologist.” I’m not actually a scientist but I’ve been to an active volcano so I’m claiming bumper-sticker rights.

My beloved and I went to White Island with Pee Jay Tours last week as part of a week long New Zealand vacation and it was an amazing adventure. Not only did we get to run around breathing sulphur fumes while wearing hard hats and protected by gas masks, we also got to see dolphins and flying fish on the open sea. You will notice from my beloved’s photos and that even an amateur with a low-end point and shoot camera can take photos like a pro on White Island.

While out and about in the North Island of New Zealand, I stopped by at quilt shops in the towns of Tirau, Tauranga and Waihi. Cushla’s Village Fabrics in the seaside town of Waihi was the stand out of the group and probably the best quilt shop I’ve been to, anywhere. It’s a free-standing house with a pretty front lawn, shiny polished floorboards and lots of light. They have a dedicated teaching area and a great selection of fabrics. Cushla wasn’t working the day we visited but the lady behind the counter was friendly and helpful. I noted with a little smile that she was not overly impressed by the American customer in the shop  at the same time who declared “I have a web site,” in a rather self-important tone. Kiwis (New Zealanders) don’t appreciate self-aggrandisement much. It’s just not considered polite to make a fuss.

I go to great lengths to research quilt shops for my readers

I purchased a fat quarter of New Zealand themed fabric (known as Kiwiana) for NZ $6 and am thinking about making a special holiday quilt with a piece of fabric from each major trip. I don’t have any design ideas at this stage though.

What would your bumper sticker say?


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