Cot Quilt Finished

Pyramid Cot Quilt with Chestnut Binding

Another Finish

I’m not very good at estimation. Once again, I completely under-estimated the amount of time it would take me to make this cot quilt. Unpicking never helps get the project done and there was plenty of unpicking with this one too.

I used my brand new walking foot to echo quilt the pyramids and I’m pleased to report it worked well. In fact, it worked so well that I’m going to rip out all the machine stitching on the modified Dolly Madison Star quilt and machine quilt it in the ditch all over again. I can hardly wait. No, really.

Even though this quilt measures roughly 34 by 45 inches finished, it was tricky to work the bulk of the quilt through the throat of my sewing machine. There was also an unexpected problem along the way – the quilt top touched against the part of the machine that holds the needle  and goes up and down (which I’m sure has a name) and a speck of sewing machine oil was transferred to the top. I treated it with laundry soap, but this one will definitely need a wash before it goes anywhere.

Pyramid Cot Quilt Echo Quilted around each PyramidThe echo quilting was more of a pain than I expected it to be. The quilting wasn’t done in long straight lines, or even continuous curves, so I found myself starting and stopping frequently and then needing to travel to my next pyramid.

Reverse of Pyramid Cot Quilt

Soft and Cuddly: Note the Pyramids

For a positive learning from this project, the hand basting didn’t take that long and I’d do it again for the stability it gave the quilt sandwich.  The presence of pins would have made it just that little bit more difficult to position the quilt at the right starting point. As it was, I had to hold the presser foot lever up by hand to give sufficient clearance while positioning the quilt top to start quilting.

Time and time again, I would start sewing without remembering to put the presser foot lever down again and the stitching would go all over the place. There’s a saying about idiots being the ones who repeat the same error over and over. By that standard this quilt provided ample evidence of my idiocy.

Now that this quilt is ready to gift, I think I’ll move back to my house blocks. Once they’re cut, they come together quite quickly. I’m working to a vision of a 9 by 9 house quilt with blue sashing.


3 responses to “Cot Quilt Finished

  1. Nice colour combinations

  2. Love it! Especially the echo quilting…looks great on the back. :)

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