Garden Trellis Quilt Finished

Here is another quilt based on Pam & Nicky Lintott’s Jelly Roll Quilts book. The two colour border was my own minor variation. I like that the burnt orange border hints at ochre, and in turn Australian Aboriginal art. OK, so that’s probably over-analysing it a bit but it’s how I see it. The border colours were something I settled on after my original border fabric candidate failed the audition.

Garden Trellis Quilt in Earth Tones

Garden Trellis (thanks to my beloved for making this photo possible by mowing the lawn)

This one has a ridiculously long history. I started it way back in December 2010, as a birthday gift for a friend. It didn’t get finished in time for her birthday but went to the party anyway. I should point out that she got a handmade gift crafted by my beloved instead, so she didn’t miss out.

Now it’s going to be a gift for our friend Andrew. Hope you’re reading this Andrew. Andrew has a small but treasured collection of Aboriginal art and I’m hoping this quilt will fit in with the decor at his warehouse apartment.

A couple of details: The reverse is black and gold. The long arm quilting is by Pam Hammer.


6 responses to “Garden Trellis Quilt Finished

  1. As I said before, quite lovely!

  2. This is gorgeous! The colours are so rich. I have a similar top made in pink on my blog.I used the “tube method” from a Youtube video and it is on the frame as I write, waiting to be quillted at last. You did a great job :-)

    • Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words. I used the ‘tube method’ too, just from a different source – a book. It’s good to have lots of sources of information to draw on isn’t it? I’ll look forward to seeing your quilt when it’s off the frame. Hope that all goes well for you.

  3. That is a truly beautiful quilt. I have the same book as you but I have loaned it from the library. I’ve made a start on this pattern as it is my favourite in the book. I’m also making Pandora’s Box. Good to have two on the go at once hey!! Like you I’ve ordered the 98L but hope it doesn’t take 3 months to arrive! I want my seams to be accurate so the proper tools it will be! Did you have any problems cutting diagonally? I’m a bit scared about that.

    • Two quilts on the go … or more.That’s a situation many of us find ourselves in. I will also be making Pandora’s Box, as soon as I’ve finished a few other projects. I have some masculine grey/black batiks to make it in as a 40th birthday present for a good friend. Fortunately he has already received his interim birthday present.

      There were zero problems with cutting or sewing diagonally. I think that all the chat about the difficulty of sewing on the bias is just that – chat. There’s nothing to be scared of. It’s a beautiful quilt and a superb book. Let me know how you go.

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