Friendship Braid Quilt Finished

I had to hold off on publishing this picture until after our family celebration on Christmas Eve, as I gave it to my sister-in-law as a Christmas gift. The design is from Pam & Nicky Lintott’s Jelly Roll Quilts book, the long arm quilting by Pam Hammer.

Friendship braid quilt made with a Moda Jelly Roll

The Finished Friendship Braid Quilt

For the first time ever, I washed the quilt before gifting it. I know many quilters do this routinely, but I don’t. It does change the appearance of the quilt a little but as I wash both my fabric and batting before starting a quilt I don’t get much of the pillowing that many quilters love.

I chose a chocolatey brown for the binding and it is hand-sewn on the reverse. It seemed a long way round and I had to really persevere to get the hand-sewing done, doing a little before work in the morning and a little more after work in the evening. It’s good to be reminded that perseverance and doing a little bit every day will get the job done.

My next task is to apply that principle to cleaning up my sewing/guest room in preparation for my houseguest’s arrival next month.

I have three more quilts to complete before she arrives, the cot quilt, the garden trellis and the coin quilt, which I’m not liking any more than I did when I first completed the top.

Happy holidays.


15 responses to “Friendship Braid Quilt Finished

  1. BEAUTIFUL! Big cheers for persevering with the hand sewing! I’m hand quilting a wholecloth that was supposed to be finished for my Grammy’s 90th birthday three weeks ago. Hand work goes so slowly!

    • Thank you. Hand work does indeed go slowly. And as middle age approaches (passes by?) there’s the additional complication of needing good light and reading glasses. Drives me crazy.

      Is wholecloth any easier? I figure not having seams to get in the way might help. But that’s probably just a fantasy.

      • It depends on how you do it and how much you enjoy hand quilting. If you’re marking the motif on it yourself, any savings in frustration is lost. If it’s pre-printed, like those from Benartex that use wash-out ink, then yes, it’s heavenly. I rarely machine quilt, but am therefore perpetually behind.

  2. I love its colors and pattern!

    • Thanks for stopping by and for your comment. I checked out your blog very quickly and love the way you have posted in several languages. I am always impressed by anyone who speaks even a little Finnish. It’s such a difficult language to learn. I haven’t been to Helsinki yet but hope to visit one day.

      • Thank You replying to my comment. You are the first one whom I have heard to know that our language is difficult. That is true, one of the most difficult in the world

        Get surprised about

        My Helsinki photos.

        Helsinki is not all the Finland, but easier to visit.

        I wish I hope all the best to You in your wonderful hobby. It’s a great hobby; I know it because it is my wife’s hobby for years, until she discovered beading. :)

  3. Lovely quilt and some weird synergy – I have that book coming, hopefully be here on Wednesday and the mention of wholecloth too! (Not to mention the good light and glasses)
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

    • You’ll love the book. I own a few quilting books and have borrowed others from the library but Jelly Roll Quilts is the only book I’ve made more than one quilt from. I’m sewing the binding onto the Garden Trellis quilt today.

  4. OH My! That turned out lovely! I love the rich colors! Is is lap size?

    Hand-stitching the binding is one of my favorite parts of quilting. :)

    • Thank you. It’s a nice pattern and I’m pleased with how this one turned out. My sister-in-law seems to like it, too, which is the most important part. In terms of size, I should know as I measured it often enough when I was squaring it up, but I don’t remember. I’d describe it as bigger than a lap quilt but smaller than a bed quilt, which means it’s most likely a throw.

  5. gorgeous ^^
    and to think, some day I might be able to tackle huge projects like that !

    • The good news is that they’re all done one step at the time :-) I’ll be posting a photo tomorrow of a quilt that was a year in the making – and it wasn’t even a complicated design.

  6. I love this quilt’s pattern and colors; they fit together.

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