Cot Quilt Sandwich

I finally got all my pyramids done and the top for the cot quilt is complete. There is one howling error. See if you can spot it – I’ll point it out at the end of this post.

Cot quilt top completed

The Pyramid Quilt Top

I’m not sure I can fix this error as I’m pretty sure it started with the cutting, and I have no more of the printed fabric. So I’ll keep going. In my defence, I’m not going to pull out that “Only God is perfect” line that some quilters use to excuse their errors. I messed up. Simple. It has nothing to do with making a deliberate mistake to avoid emulating the perfection of a Supreme Being or Higher Power.

Quilt top showing yellow flannel backing

Warm Yellow Flannel Backing

Michelle over at Sleepy Cat Hollow suggested flannel backing which I thought was a great idea. I’m not generally a big fan of flannel because I find it wears badly and it has a tendency to pill. In fact, Spotlight had a pale green flannel on the shelf but it was already looking worn and lumpy while still on the bolt. I couldn’t buy it even though the colour was a good match. Instead I picked up a warm and cheerful yellow dot flannel that doesn’t match any of my top colours, though it doesn’t fight against them either.

I’m going to make the backing work through sheer force of will.

And if that doesn’t work, I might try applique.

I’m going to try a different method of making the quilt sandwich this time, based on some ideas from Sharon Schamber and an idea picked up from Perfect Hand Quilting Without Pain by Liuxin Newman, which I borrowed from the library.

Sharon Schamber says that starting your pinning or basting in the middle of the quilt sandwich is tricky and I agree. She has a clever method of starting at the bottom and smoothing and controlling the fabric and batting layers using wooden batons, which looks like it would work. I don’t have any batons to hand and don’t want to ask my beloved to help because I don’t know what length to ask for.

Sharon Schamber also advocates tailoring-style basting instead of using safety pins. I see her point and I plan to try it becase the safety pins DO get in the way, soemthing I discovered while working on the still unfinished Modified Dolly Madison Star Quilt. The third idea I’ve taken from Sharon Schamber is to cut your batting so it’s the same size as your backing. Don’t know why I hadn’t worked that one out by myself.

Liuxin Newman talks in her book about how puckering is most often caused by uneven stretching between the layers. The Modified Dolly Madison Star Quilt is actually so stretched that I’m planning to unpick all the machine stitch in the ditch quilting.

Rather than using batons, Liuxin Newman talks about rolling the layers. So off I go, with a little bit of Sharon Schamber and a little bit of Liuxin Newman.

Finally, here’s the problem. Sorry the red line is a bit too thin. I was using unfamiliar photo editing software this time.

The cot quilt top with the mis-matched seams highlighted

Arghh! Call the Quilt Police


2 responses to “Cot Quilt Sandwich

  1. After quilting and a wash…one will never see your boo-boo. :)

    I think the backing is cool! Flannels have come a long way…we have some great ones here.

    Good luck with the quilting…let us know how the rolling turns out!

    • Thanks for the encouragement. I’m still wondering whether I should do the quilting by hand or machine. My walking foot doesn’t give me a very even feed so I’m temped to try hand quilting again. But if I hand quilt the baby will be starting school before I get it finished. Arghh! Meanwhile I’m busy sewing the binding on a Christmas gift quilt. Will post a photo of that one after the holidays.

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