A Cot Quilt with Pre-Cuts

My mother-in-law gave me a bundle of 5 by 9 inch pre-cuts last year for my birthday. They’re in pretty shades of blue, green, ivory and brown and are a combination of subtle and bright shades. I had in mind to use them for Dresden Plates but I fell out of love with Dresden Plates immediately after making my first one.

Recently, our lovely yoga teacher Erica announced that she is expecting. In class we are doing more and more poses to strengthen our pelvic floors. For support of a different kind, I decided to make her a baby quilt.

Close up view of pyramid quilt blocks

Showing my Hypotenuse

I went boldly ahead with my rotary cutter and without a pattern. I’d had a vision of diamonds so cut each pre-cut rectangle from corner to corner and then sewed a plain triangle to each right triangle, right down the hypotenuse.

There was much unpicking in the beginning as I hadn’t fully got my head around a right vs left triangles.

The diamonds became pyramids and the baby quilt is slowly becoming a cot quilt.

I discovered along the way there was a bit of variation in the size of the pre-cuts. I don’t normally trim my blocks before assembling them, but in this case I had to. My conclusion is that it’s quicker, in the long run, to measure and cut carefully than to just cut and sew, simply to reduce the rework along the way.

I don’t know if Erica is expecting a boy or a girl, but I do know she stops teaching next month so the pressure’s on to get the quilt finished before she leaves. I’m not that happy with it at this stage, but I’m determined to push on and get it done. I have two more rows of pyramids to complete and may or may not add some sashing. Stay tuned.


4 responses to “A Cot Quilt with Pre-Cuts

  1. ooohh…a cozy flannel would be nice as a backing for the baby! :) She’ll love it. Greens are great for both boys and girls!

  2. Variation will always cause problems in manufacturing and standardisation is the key to a consistent outcome. I don’t know how the fabric supplier could ensure stable dimensions but measuring the product before you start sounds like a good idea,

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