String Piecing OR Another Use for the White Pages

Red, White and Blue Pot Holders

So much fun to make

Possibly the ONLY use for the White Pages now that Google has taken over the world.

I had a ball experimenting with string piecing over the last few days. I grabbed a copy of the White Pages, tore out a couple of pages and stitched some fabric strips onto a square that measured roughly nine inches. Then I pressed the blocks, trimmed them to eight and a half inches square, ripped the paper out and zig-zagged down some of the seam lines with a single layer of batting on the back.

After that I followed my usual process for pot holders and stitched around the perimeter, leaving a little opening, just big enough to slip a square of Insul-Brite into. I slip-stitched the opening and then zig zagged a circle in the middle to hold everything in place.

They’re now in my kitchen awaiting the first test with a hot pan. I’m looking forward to using them and to seeing how they bear up in the wash.

These were fun to make – I felt a bit like an improvisational quilter for a while there.


2 responses to “String Piecing OR Another Use for the White Pages

  1. I just found your blog today sort of by accident as I was searching on use of the Omnigrid 96L ruler. :) I am getting ready to make the Friendship Braid quilt and you had a post last summer about the ruler. I see you are sewing your braids now – they look great. I have to go buy a ruler as I don’t have one that works for cutting the trapezoids. Thanks for the tips on sewing the pieces together, I’ve always wanted to make one of these braided quilts.

    • Thanks so much for the comment. You won’t be disappointed with the Friendship Braid quilt. It’s just lovely and fun to make. I now have all the braids sewn together and the borders attached and I’m happy with the look. Next step is to work out out how I can piece a back together with the fabric I have available. I have a habit of not buying quite enough backing fabric so end up having to do something creative.

      Oh, and if you have the Omnigrid 98L I have a blog post there somewhere on how you can use masking tape to mark it up.

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