The Australian Quilters Association 2011 Exhibition

Quilt Show Banner Quilt Draped over a Car

The Welcome Quilt

The AQS had their biennial exhibition this weekend. Here is my pick of the highlights. There were several very impressive Jane Stickle quilts and a whole cloth quilt that I don’t have photos of.

Mums Quilt by Helen Mihalec, Quilted by Pam Hammer

Mum’s Quilt (above) was made for a lady who was a keen gardener.

King David's Crown by Amanda Blyth

This one was professionally quilted by Robyn Veeken.

Texas Star Hand Pieced and Hand Quilted by Sandra Boyle

The huge, beautiful feedsack quilt above was pieced and quilted by hand and got my vote for the peoples’ choice award.

I left without buying a raffle ticket. Let’s face it, the very last thing I need right now is another quilt.


5 responses to “The Australian Quilters Association 2011 Exhibition

  1. Pretty quilts. I love that Texas Star. I started one in CW repros once, but I don’t have the patience for it.

  2. I don’t have the patience for it either and that’s why I admire this one so much, that and the very high standard of workmanship. It was an awesome quilt and I hope the maker wins Best in Show. I fear another ‘showier’ quilt will win the day though.

  3. I like that that Texas Star one too!

  4. Wow. I have never seen the “quilt hiding car”. I love star quilt.

    • I think that promotional quilt over the car was a stroke of genius. It would be so easy to do if you’re part of a large quilting group – everyone just brings their orphan blocks and off you go…

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