Getting Started on the Friendship Braids

I know from the search terms that bring readers to this blog that I’m not the only one working on the Friendship Braid quilt from the Jelly Roll Quilts book.

The braids are, as they say in the book, quite quick to string piece once you get started. I found that to be the case and was able to complete a braid within a few hours on a day when I didn’t have to go to the office.

Getting started is a whole other story though. That made my head hurt and there was some unpicking in the mix, too. The illustrations in the book aren’t quite to scale and the use of colour in those illustrations didn’t help, because it wasn’t clear to me which they were treating as a light trapezoid and which as a dark.

So I thought I’d share my photos, in the hope it might help someone else.

The outside edges should be parallel when you’re done sewing as shown by the hand drawn lines on the second photo. I eventually learned to check for that before sewing.

Lining up the pieces, with the book at hand

Pinned and ready to check

Starting the Friendship Braid

Opened up, but not sewn yet


2 responses to “Getting Started on the Friendship Braids

  1. I’m going to have to check out my books at home…I think I have a couple of jellyroll pattern books.

    • Jelly rolls are fun to work with. I’m prepping a new jelly roll at the moment, that I’m planning to use for the ‘Log Cabin Hidden Stars’ quilt in the Lintott Jelly Roll Quilts book. That’s actually the only book I own that I’ve made quilts out of so far. It was well worth buying as it has several patterns I have either used, or plan to use.

      I’m hand washing the fabric strips in the bathroom basin and hanging them indoors on the drying rack. The jelly roll is made up of bright batiks and the blues and reds both run A LOT in warm water.

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