Sunbonnet Sue and other Travesties

The Quilting Board had a thread running today about peoples least favourite quilt designs. One poster mentioned not liking ‘anything immoral e.g. sodomite quilts.’ I can’t even begin to imagine what that might look like. Presumably they would fall into the ‘non-traditional’ category.

Bargello quilts got lots of mentions as did log cabin quilts. I felt the same way about log cabin quilts until I made one and discovered the almost endless possibilities that come from varying the layouts.

I’m not fond of bargello quilts either and I detest Sunbonnet Sue and that Sam character who goes along with her. However, even Sunbonnet Sue has a redeeming side. Check out this link. It’s called The Sun Sets on Sunbonnet Sue and it shows a number of ways Sue might have met her demise in the 1970’s. It almost makes you feel a bit of sympathy for poor old Sue.

What’s your least favourite design?

Update: Anyone want to collaborate on a Death of Sunbonnet Sue in the 2000’s? I have worked out my take on her demise and it’s bound to offend some and delight others.


2 responses to “Sunbonnet Sue and other Travesties

  1. I like my quilts to keep me warm and I like to see quilts that make use of otherwise useless scraps. Quilts have utilitarian and functional roots so I loose interest when makers try too hard to create modern art. I’ve heard that Sesame Street can get a little non traditional but I’ve never heard of Bert and Ernie doing any quilting. You could imagine they would get into wet felting but what they do in the privacy of their own homes is their own business.

    • I’ve done wet felting. You should try it, you might be surprised how much you enjoy it.

      I am also pleased to inform you that a quilter did make a guest appearance on Sesame Street. I saw a photo of her with…I believe it might have been Bert & Ernie. But I can’t recall the lady’s name.

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