Time for a Change – Crochet Bunny Pattern

This Big Ears Bunny is so cute I have decided I needed to make one of my very own. Crochet brings back memories of primary school for some reason, possibly because my mother crocheted a very fetching teeny tiny orange cotton bikini for me. There wasn’t a whole lot to it, but at that time there wasn’t a whole lot to me either, so that was fine.

My mother is a very skilled knitter, making aran and Norwegian-style sweaters. Knitting has never been my thing, though I do know how. The stash of left-over wool and knitting/crochet needles is at my mother’s house so I went thrift store shopping yesterday. Thrift store shopping is unpredictable – sometimes you come home with a haul of goodies and sometimes (more often) you come home with nothing at all.

Yesterday was a good day.

I found a book of patchwork block patterns complete with an unused plastic template which I will post about another day, and also this retro treasure, made in Melbourne.

Blue plastic box for knitting needles with needle size gauge in the top

A Vintage Treasure

It came with a couple of crochet hooks (what I had been looking for in the first place) and a bunch of stocking knitting needles, though only one complete set of those. The others will come in handy for….something. Any suggestions?


2 responses to “Time for a Change – Crochet Bunny Pattern

  1. You can always use a stray sock needle for a cable needle in a pinch.

    • Excellent idea – though that would require me to do cable knitting ;-) I’ve done that before, but as knitting is not my true calling it might be some time before I attempt it again.

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