Doll Quilt with Flying Geese

Mastery comes in many forms. I have made four flying geese that were good enough to use. Therefore I declare that I have mastered the flying goose. It took some effort, but I got there in the end with encouragement from Michelle and empathy from Mary.

The finished doll quilt measures 14 inches by 12 inches and has big geese and little hourglass blocks. Or maybe little diamond blocks. I wanted to stay with a theme of verticality in my design so chose to put the diamonds only at the base of the geese. I had to unpick and redo each one of the joins between the diamonds. Couldn’t quite believe I could get that so wrong, but it was wrong so it had to be redone.

Finished doll quilt 14 by 12 inches I cut the binding at 1 3/4 inches rather than the usual two and a half, so that the binding didn’t overwhelm the design. Turning it and hand sewing it on the reverse was a bit more fiddly as a result. Next time I made a small scale quilt like this I would use single rather than double binding. After all, it’s not going to get a lot of actual use and it’s hardly an heirloom quilt.

I used a combination of pins and a product called Glue-Baste-It to keep the binding in place as I was sewing it down. Glue-Baste-It is labelled as temporary basting glue and it does seem to keep its grip quite well. Not sure if its worth the $9.95 price tag for 15ml of glue. I’m told Elmer’s School Glue does the same job and I’m sure that’s not nearly as expensive.

My swap partner is in Pennsylvania. The doll quilt will most likely get to her near the 4th of July holiday and I hope she enjoys the patriotic colours.


6 responses to “Doll Quilt with Flying Geese

  1. It could be an Heirloom Quilt to some little girl’s Barbie! :)

    Nice job!

    • Thanks. I’m looking forward to seeing what my swap partner comes up with. It’s exciting.

      This is not the best photo because it’s so darn dark here other than when I’m at work. We had a holiday weekend here yesterday due to the Queen of England’s birthday and I was able to do a little hand sewing in the light of day. Both the holiday and the chance to work on my binding were very welcome, but you have to wonder how the Queen of England, admirable though she is, can still be our head of state.

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