Effing Geese

I decided to participate in the Quilting Board doll quilt swap for the month of June. I’ll be partnered up with someone, most likely someone in the US and we are both required to made doll quilts to swap. The rules are simple: the quilt must be between 12 and 24 inches, bound and made of natural fibres. All sorts of embellishments are allowed, not that I’m planning any at this stage.

Stack of four Flying Geese Blocks

Two Inch Geese

I’ve never made a flying goose. The doll swap seemed like the perfect project to fill that gap. It turned out to be quite challenging.

I used the well described tutorial at Life’s a Quilt to make some two inch flying geese. While there is nothing at all wrong with the tutorial, my geese were a miserable failure and I wouldn’t insult my swap partner by using them.

Next step: six inch geese. The larger scale should make it a bit easier.


7 responses to “Effing Geese

  1. I thought geese honked.

  2. When all is well, they honk and fly. In moments of frustration they turn to colourful language.

  3. LOL! Ahhhh…poor goosies.

    I tried that tutorial once…it was ok. I usually stick to speed piecing method A:

    My friend April, tried and liked One-Seam Flying Geese by Ricky Tims:

  4. Thanks for the links – much needed though the six inch geese turned out a lot better. I’m now wondering why I thought it was a good idea to impose another deadline on myself with this doll quilt swap.

    I’ve taken a look at the Ricky Tims method before and wasn’t crazy about how the geese are folded. It would be good for an art quilt, but less so for a utilitarian one. Well those were my thoughts, anyway. Your friend April probably wouldn’t agree.

  5. I’ve tried and tried and failed to make a flying goose yet. I figure half-square triangles are my true calling :-)

  6. Mary, it’s good to know your true calling :-) You can go a very long way with half square triangles.

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